ANNOUNCEMENT: Netlink Group acquires M2 Digital ICT.

Managed Cloud Services


One of the highest costs of business is rent. Renting a large office space is becoming less attractive for businesses, especially now that many are able to employ staff remotely. Wherever possible, businesses need to maximise the space they use, in order to reduce overheads and get a better return on their investment. Many businesses…

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Managed Infrastructure as a Service

Every business is different, which means every business has different computing requirements. Netlink’s Managed Infrastructure as a Service offers you a fully customised computing infrastructure for your business. Netlink can outsource your entire infrastructure set-up, maintenance and management – whether it be in the Cloud, on premises or a mixture of both. We have the…

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Azure Managed Services

Azure is a cloud computing services created and managed by Microsoft through a global network of data centres. Azure provides Software as a Service , Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service, as well as many different programming languages, tools and frameworks from both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. By replicating your data…

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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Nobody wants to hear the word ‘disaster’ in relation to their business, but in today’s world your data is under constant threat from cyber attacks and leaks. Imagine how would your business would run without essential banking, customer and inventory data? Having reliable backups and recovery procedures is essential to ensure the smooth running of…

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Managed Office 365

As one of the leading Office 365 migration consultant companies in Australia, Netlink Group will help you migrate to Office 365 in a cost-effective, efficient and seamless way that will forever transform the way you do business. We offer extensive Office 365 migration consulting experience, with thousands of cloud users migrated with 100% success. Moving…

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