ANNOUNCEMENT: Netlink Group acquires M2 Digital ICT.

Telephony & Collaboration

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing has dramatically altered the world conducts business today. It has the power to bring people together ‘in-person’ at critical moments in projects, decisions, and customer engagements. If managed well, video conferencing can accelerate decision making and give your business the edge it needs to drive your growth to the next level. Netlink’s Video…

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Managed Telephony

Netlink Group believes there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” telephony solution. Every customer’s telephony requirements will be influenced by the number of telephone users, where these users work from and how they use their phone system. However, all customers are generally looking for a cost effective, reliable, and flexible telephony…

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Unified Communications

Netlink Group’s Unified Communications solutions converge voice, video, and data communications around a shared IP-based infrastructure.  Our solutions simplify the process for making calls, sending messages, or joining audio or video conferences. Our Cisco Unified Communications platform based solutions offer benefits that include: Improved customer service and enhanced customer satisfaction The ability to collaborate anytime…

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