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ANNOUNCEMENT: Netlink Group is on the move!
After 19 years of being on the corner of Oxford Close & Harrogate St West Leederville, we are moving 150m up the street to our new premises.
Entry is still via Oxford Close although the official address is Level 2, 3 Loftus Street West Leederville WA 6007.

Cloud Computing

Don’t be constrained by where, when and how you work.


Cloud Solutions that are reliable and economical.

Cloud computing is a term used to describe IT resources that are delivered over a network, usually the Internet. Cloud computing allows your business to access services such as hardware, software or utilities off-premises. As long as you have access to the Internet, you have access to your services.

When using a managed Private Cloud solution, your business keeps its competitive edge. Your can operate anywhere, anytime. Applications and data can be accessed from the office, in the field or at home - using PCs, laptops or smartphones. Your business is no longer constrained by physical infrastructure, time or location.

Most importantly, managed Cloud Services provide assurance for continuity and risk mitigation by ensuring that your resources and environments are secure, accessible and operational 24/7.

This means that if the power is cut to your office, your business can continue to function without interruption - via the Cloud. Your data remains safe, secure, accessible and current.


What are the benefits of a Private Cloud?

  • Boost productivity through flexibility
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Current software at all times
  • Frequent data back-ups off-site
  • Continuous availability and access to your files
  • 24/365 Level 2 Service Desk Support

Get out of your office and into your clients' world

Cloud computing allows you to be more responsive to your clients - from site visits to flexible business hours. But managing it in-house can be expensive and can distract from your core operations.

Our Managed Cloud Services are flexible - you can use as little or as much access and storage as you want. We can rapidly scale your services up or down, meaning you only pay for what you need.

Take a look at our Cloud solutions for both your infrastructure and software needs.


Stay streamlined. Stay productive. Stay mobile.

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Our Partners

We partner with all major hardware and software vendors, giving you access to the best and latest technology, managed by experts.