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Our hosted virtual desktop solution provides secure online access to your business data from anywhere in the world.

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Netlink Cloud Office is our Virtual Office solution. By providing you with a Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (HVDI) we can you to utilise the entire virtual stack including, infrastructure, software, DR, backups and networking. We can provide everything your business needs to run applications from the cloud environment, allowing you to use resources on an ‘as needed’ basis without having to worry about the complexity of the system.

Our hosted virtual desktop solution provides secure online access to your business data from anywhere in the world. It affords you all the benefits of operating from a community cloud, hybrid cloud or private cloud, allowing you to avoid the expense of provisioning and managing your own server infrastructure and software.

You access data directly from VMs hosted at one of our data centres. From there you can access applications, manipulate data, save and share files just as you would from an on-site server. However, unlike an on-site server, your data is being frequently backed up to an alternative site, meaning you never lose information and ensuring you have continuous availability (CA) and access to your files.


All of your backups and security are taken care of and you receive full access to our 24/365 Level 2 service desk for support matters (phone-based or email).

Not only does Virtual Office provide a platform for your business applications, it allows you to run any Microsoft product alongside them on the same virtual desktop. No data is stored or manipulated on local devices, which means that files such as emails or documents are stored and backed up at the data centres.

We are a fully certified provider of a number of subscription based software and applications designed specifically for businesses operating in the cloud. This means you can pay on a per-user-per-month basis, converting software purchases from capital to operational expenditure, thus deducting them immediately and keeping the costs off of your balance sheet.

Netlink Cloud Office has many advantages over offerings such as Microsoft 365, but perhaps the most important feature is that your data is hosted onshore using the Private or Community Cloud model; rather than being hosted alongside millions of public users in an offshore data centre. Products like Microsoft 365 are also accessed via a web interface and not directly from your virtual desktop, which limits the functionality and capability of the product.