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Network Security

Network Security Solutions that protect & secure your business.

Netlink Group delivers network security services that will increase your network visibility, protect your network perimeters, secure your intranets and protect you from application level attacks.

With our sophisticated monitoring tools, we can create a network monitoring system that will provide early detection and alerts for abnormalities, data leakage, unauthorised access and malicious security threats. Our reporting tools will give you granular details of any breaches of your security policy and systems.

What you get:

  • Real-time visibility into network traffic between sites
  • Globally-recognised, best-practice tools and expertise
  • Full control of insider access and potential misuse
  • Instant detection of unwanted protocols
  • Establishment and tracking of usage policies and alerts on unauthorised access

Key benefits:

  • Protection of internal assets from fraud and data leakage
  • Existing and emerging internal network threats are stopped in their tracks
    Accurate planning for critical applications
  • Ability to monitor VoIP, IPTV and VoD across your network
  • Compliance assurance

Other IT Security Services

Whether your business is in a growth, consolidation or acquisition phase we understand that each cycle presents unique technical challenges.

We pride ourselves in providing customisable IT solutions that can be rapidly scaled to ensure you are able to achieve your desired outcomes on time and within budget.

We Build & Manage Enterprise ITC Solutions Call us today to help you manage and innovate with technology.

Our Enterprise Partners

We partner with all major hardware and software vendors, giving you access to the best and latest technology, managed by experts.