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Virtual CIO Service (vCIO)

Executive-level IT Leadership at your fingertips.

Smaller businesses are usually disadvantaged by their ability to afford, attract and retain seasoned IT executives. But through our vCIO service, you can have an executive join your team to serve as a strategic IT adviser and leader – giving you the competitive edge you need to get ahead.

Our virtual CIOs possess strong technical backgrounds and are skilled in a wide range of IT platforms, technologies, and strategies. They can help you in all areas of IT including: ongoing IT advice and leadership support; operational reviews; policy development; vendor management; budget and risk management.

Netlink Group is a leading Managed IT Services Provider and professional IT consulting and strategy firm. Some of the features of our vCIO service include:

  • IT Leadership, Governance, and Strategic Planning
  • IT Operations Management
  • Disaster Planning and Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Vendor Management
  • IT Investment Strategy, IT Cost, and Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting and Management
  • IT staffing and budgeting
  • IT Process Improvement
  • RFI, RFP, and SLA Development and Management
  • IT Assessment and Performance Analysis

Other Professional IT Services

Whether your business is in a growth, consolidation or acquisition phase we understand that each cycle presents unique technical challenges.

We pride ourselves in providing customisable IT solutions that can be rapidly scaled to ensure you are able to achieve your desired outcomes on time and within budget.

We Build & Manage Enterprise ITC Solutions Call us today to help you manage and innovate with technology.

Our Enterprise Partners

We partner with all major hardware and software vendors, giving you access to the best and latest technology, managed by experts.