Cloud Security Facts

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Cloud Security Services market is growing rapidly – the demand for security in the Cloud is leading the charge for security products and services. There are many choices of products and services but which one is best for your business?

Data Breaches the biggest threat – Data breaches continue to be major news stories. More than 43% of companies globally have experienced a data breach and the numbers are growing. Breaches are inevitable, every business needs a strategy to protect their data.

Public vs Private Cloud Security – there is an ongoing global raging debate when it comes to cloud security offered by private and public clouds. Private Cloud tends to initially offer more control with better compliance standards however this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more secure. True security comes from your strategy and how you use the technology.

Storage perceived as greatest risk– When most organisations think about the cloud, they are likely to be thinking about popular cloud storage and backup services. More than 50% of the respondents to the Cloud Usage: Risks and Opportunities Report from the Cloud Security Alliance listed storage as the most risky cloud application according to their organization’s definition of risk. The second most risky set of applications were those dealing with finance or accounting.


Your employees are your biggest threat – Outside hackers are what most people perceive as their biggest threat to security, but employees pose an equal risk with claims that employees caused almost 60% of security incidents last year. This is further compounded by employees working remotely or using their personal mobile device to access sensitive materials outside of the company network. Multiple networks can be combined to provide access to any user at any end-point.

Controlling Adoption is difficult – The rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and bring-your-own-application (BYOA) trends means that many cloud services and tools are sneaking into organizations under the noses of business managers. The biggest challenge in regards to cloud services from any device or application is getting the chance to assess security before a service is adopted by users.

Internet of Things (IoT) presents a new risk to cloud security – Research firm Gartner predicts that the IoT market will grow to 26 billion units installed by 2020, bringing with it an array of security issues for organizations that are leveraging the technology. In particular, the storage and processing of the data points collected by IoT devices will create more vulnerabilities, and we will likely see cyberattacks targeting the IoT.

The right tools aren’t always used – Fortunately, there are quite a few ways in which enterprises can make their cloud initiative more secure. While these tools and services exist, they aren’t always used the proper way, or even used at all. Netlink Group has the right suite of tools and systems to protect your sensitive data and networks.

Many organizations don’t have security policies – Security policies for Cloud services are a must for any business wanting to maintain security from both within and outside the organization. Policies must be carefully designed to ensure it is tailored to the business systems and processes used in their Cloud services. Netlink Group has security professionals that can help guide you develop and manage your own security policies.