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Managed Communications

With Netlink’s Outsourced Managed IT services, you get a whole IT Team for less


Eliminate phone-tag, email lag and out-of-office replies.

Traditional telephony is giving way to Unified Communications, or the integration of office phones, mobile phones, soft phones, email, instant messaging, video telephony, video conferencing, faxing and shared applications.

Our Unified Communications solutions give our clients the ability to collaborate instantly in a more powerful and secure way. And by operating in real time, without the dependency of being in the same location, these clients have lowered costs, increased productivity and dramatically improved their customer relationships.

Netlink Group is a specialist in networks, communications and customer collaboration. We provide engineering solutions that will optimise voice, video, data and mobility applications to allow prompt decision making. We provide options that are cost effective, rapid to deploy and intuitive to use. Our video conferencing services provide you with optimal voice and video quality over a secured network, 24/7.


What are the benefits of Managed Communications?

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Optimised employee time
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved operations and procedures
  • Enriched meeting experiences
  • Portability via mobile devices

Communications solutions for teams of every size and setup.

At Netlink Group, we believe that while every customer’s telephony requirements will vary, and all customers are looking for a cost effective, reliable, and flexible telephony platform. We have more than a decade of experience delivering and supporting a diverse range of systems, from a variety of vendors.

Our solutions work for customers of every size and provide the best value, total cost of ownership and return on investment for our clients.

To find out more, take a look at our Managed Telephony services.


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