Managed Network and Telephony services

Sub Categories

A service focused entirely on your network and communication systems including, but not limited to, WAN, LAN, Wireless, Voice (telephony), ISP services and  bandwidth optimisation the network is often seen a s a commodity and thus often overlooked when it comes to maintaining the infrastructure At Netlink we recognise that more often than not, Network and Telephony share the same platform hence the requirement to maintain the integrity of such infrastructure much like managing  risk in a systems environment.


We understand that any disruption in such an environment presents perhaps the most significant production impacts from connectivity breaks to your primary hosted environments to commination breaks and transaction failures between regional or international office destinations. By applying our network management approach to your platform we ensure that we are able to proactively deal with potential issues before they have a critical production impact

Netlink prides itself in having a highly qualified team who are consistently required to keep up to date with the latest technologies Due to our partnership with the major network and communications industry vendors and leading telecommunications providers we invest a significant amount of time training and certifying our staff. As a customer making use of the service you have access to not only support skills but architecture and design professionals to optimize and scale your platform as required

What you get

  • A local service desk available 24×7
  • Proactive network Management
  • Network and telephony unlimited support
  • Account management
  • Service reporting

Key benefits

  • Predictable fixed cost
  • Access to skilled Network personnel (Onsite and Offsite)
  • Consulting and design services
  • Ability to segment your communication and I.T services support requirements