On-Site Support Services

Sub Categories

When problems require hands-on support at your premises, our Service Desk Co-ordinates with our Managed Services engineers to be on-site within agreed times.


Regardless of what level of service you have, we have engineers ready to come to you. When a problem can not be resolved remotely, a fully qualified engineer will travel to your premises to fix the problem.

As part of our Proactive Maintenance of every Managed Service Contract, we commit a number of on site hours in accordance with your service requirements. These can be a mixture of weekly set hours as well as service escalations that require the engineer to fix at your premises.

What you get

  • Regular on-site hours every month
  • Predictable times to work within your business oopertions
  • Highly experience engineers to discuss any issues on site
  • Rapid response times

Key benefits

  • Personal service at your premises
  • Access to a team of experts
  • Business critical systems upheld
  • Expert knowledge of your site and operations