Proactive Maintenance

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At Netlink Group, our aim is to have your systems running at their full potential. In addition, we aim to fix it before it breaks. Our strategy is to deliver two key elements to your service delivery, Preventative Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance.


By combining the two systems we are able to conduct regular and routine maintenance tasks to ensure your systems are running at the optimal level needed to conduct your business and its processes. We combine a number of powerful technologies and tools to give predictability to potential failure or loss of performance in order to fix the issue before it becomes a problem.

 What you get

  • Systems maintained regularly out of business hours
  • Remote management and monitoring systems for early detection
  • Vendor management to provide powerful monitoring and repairs
  • Problems fixed before they become a problem

Key Benefits

  • Capacity Management – reporting on the capacity of services and infrastructure
  • Availability Management – all ICT requirements are meeting agreed service level targets
  • Event Management – monitoring and reporting of IT service assets
  • Demand Management – active analysis of your critical systems to anticipate patterns and capacity
  • Performance Management – analysis and fine tuning to ensure optimisation of services