Co–Managed Solutions

Sub Categories

In certain cases, it become imperative that we deliver support in a co-managed environment. Whether you are a global company with an internal centralised I.T office requiring local support or you have chosen to control certain aspects of your information and communications technology we have a product for you.


Co –Managed services allow your business to expand your needs within a very short period of time without the added overhead of going through a recruitment process. You decide what services you want us to take care of and we will match the requirement by having skilled onsite or remote resources allocated to you. The arrangement is flexible and can be scaled as per your requirement

What you get

  • Technical resources (Onsite and Offsite) reporting to you
  • Account management
  • Service contract reporting

Key benefits

  • Flexible cost model to suit your budget
  • Resources on demand
  • Seamless integration with In-house IT