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The ability for teams to innovate and resolve complex problems is at its peak when we can all be together in the same place at the same time. However, being all together with highly distributed employees, customers, and suppliers is increasingly impractical and cost-prohibitive.

Video Conferencing or TelePresence powers the way to bring these people together, ‘in-person’, at critical moments in projects, decisions, and customer engagements, driving market differentiation and competitive advantage.

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Business Transformation with Video Conferencing
What started out as a way to save travel costs and optimize employee time has evolved into something much more. Leading organizations have embraced Cisco TelePresence to accelerate their decision making and transform the way they do business.

Reduce travel costs

  • Spend less on travel — more on opportunities for growth

Optimize employee time

  • Minimize business travel- related downtime
  • Enhance teleworking capabilities

Speed decision making

  • Resolve critical problems faster
  • Accelerate sales cycles

Transform business models

  • Scale expertise across the globe
  • Unify your entire supply chain
  • Redefine customer service and experiences

Achieve high-definition and stable video conferencing within your offices, with the ability to easily integrate desktop and mobile devices. Video conferencing delivers an enriched meeting experience for staff and can significantly reduce travel costs to quickly deliver a strong return on investment. Our solutions utilise High Definition cameras, systems and video transmission with capabilities to integrate with corporate directories and the public internet for meetings with external parties. Parties can also join a video conference via an app on PCs and mobile devices. Multi-party (3 or more) conferencing can be achieved with a capable system or parties can call our hosted conferencing service.

Mobile Video Conferencing

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a virtual meeting place so you can collaborate with other from wherever you are.

Why us?

Netlink Group’s Video Conferencing Solutions provide you with options and offer high performance video conferencing that is rapid to deploy, intuitive to use and cost effective. We can supply you with all the high definition (HD) video peripherals that can be plugged into any desktop or conference room environment or with the Cloud, video conferencing can be delivered as an accessible online service.

Our network services delivered with video conferencing provide you with optimal voice and video quality 24×7 over a secured network.